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Symplicity Communications, Inc. was founded in January 2007 by Catherine Lazarock with the single goal of making telecommunications "Symple" for her clients. Since this time, she has expanded the team with project managers and partners who allow clients to experience a complete technology solution!

Let us do the work for you. Contact Symplicity to set up a bill analysis appointment. We can save you money by determining if you are paying fair market value for your services. Call us today for your free evaluation.

Mission Statement: Symplicity's mission is "Symply" to make it easier.


80% of phone bills are incorrect.
80% of phone bills are incorrect.
85% of people pay telecom bills without audit.
85% of people pay telecom bills without audit.
39% of CIOs would be unable to explain their telecommunications bills.
39% of CIOs would be unable to explain their telecommunications bills.
The 2011 average savings for Symplicity clients was 26% or $719 per month!
The 2011 average savings for Symplicity clients was 26% or $719 per month!

Our Team


Our Process

Technology Analysis

Symplicity staff will review your bills and services and provide recommendations to reduce costs or reach technology goals. We have access to most carriers and are familiar with technology trends to provide you with the best services to fit the needs of your business.



Once we have found a solution that fits your business, our team will guide you through the implementation of the services. We will coordinate calls with your team, carrier, and phone and IT vendors to ensure a smooth transition to your new services.


Post Implementation

Once the new services have been installed, Symplicity will assist with processing disconnects of any old services. This also includes a review of bills to ensure the new services are billing properly and that any disconnected services stop billing.


Bill Review

Our team will touch base with your staff regularly to review bills and ensure everything is still billing properly.


Customer Service

Throughout your contract, if you have any challenges with any services, our team is here to help. We will open trouble tickets with carriers and manage these tickets until the issue has been resolved.


Mobility Management

Our mobility team can help your company save significant time and money by managing your day-to-day cellular needs.  Managing cellular services is becoming increasingly important with the growing need for employees be connected remotely.






Voice services include local, long distance, toll free, and international calling.

  • PRI
  • Hosted PBX Solution
  • SIP
  • POTS


The basis of cloud computing is shared services and a collective infrastructure in a private, public, or hybrid environment. 

  • Hosted Exchange 
  • Desktop as a Service
  • Cloud Firewall


Internet services include the services that provide bandwidth to your business for internet traffic.

  • Cable Internet
  • Fiber Solutions
  • T1 Internet Connection


A network that moves information from one location to another. 

  • MPLS
  • Point to Point 
  • Cloud Firewall


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Catherine Lazarock,President



Caitlin Brown,Project Manager



Dee Cox,Mobility Manager



Shelby Cox,Client Coordinator



Samantha Gorton,Client Manager-Sales



Nichole McDonald,Client Manager-Service



Erika Rau,Client Coordinator


Symplicity Communications Inc.


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